Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've found something that do change
After I left
I don't write anymore
Not a thing
I've been thinking all this while
About you, about us, about everything
I just found out one thing
All this while
You're my inspiration
You're the reason I start writing

But then,
You're the reason I left too
these past few years
I was trying to start writing back
but every words I wrote
led me to you
and I thought I'll stop writing
but it's not that easy after all
You do know how much I love writing
I love words
and so...
I think
It doesn't hurt to think of you sometimes..

I do hover
sometimes I just think I've made a wrong decision
Do I??
You told me once
that you preferred to live in memories
and I said I don't
Because I think I would never look back
and that was what I thought when I left


I was wrong

p/s: I do miss you sometimes....

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