Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pilihanraya Kampus (PRK)

Thank God they were just using red and orange untuk mewakili both parties
if they're using all the colours
Harus semua orang pergi ke kelas tak berpakaian
if you're pihak berkecuali
you should not wear any colours which represent their parties
or else
people will have the stigma in their mind

I hate it here when it's PRK
if and only if
being an MPM doesn't give them advantage
being an MPM give them nothing but a burden to represent student
who's the one among them who really want to be an MPM??

I bet none!!!

Kebanyakan orang nak jadi MPM because of the certificate
Because of those great advantages
Why should I vote for you?
I don't get any of those advantages as my share for voting..

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