Monday, February 28, 2011

Saya Nak cakap Saya Suka Dia

Lelaki macho di mata saya adalah lelaki yang tak smoke..typically mostly perempuan pon suke macam tu..

Saya suka lelaki yang kerja pakai overall...macam mechanic ke, chargeman ke...abang jual air pon okay...(haha..xde kene mengene)

Saya suka lelaki yang hebat kat litar macam Valentino Rossi

Saya suka lelaki yang tak ignorant..yang tau sejarah..dan ada pendirian sendiri

Saya suka lelaki yang baca buku (bukan baca buku sebab nak exam je)

Saya suka lelaki yang ade skill macam pandai lukis komik ke...main gitar ke..ukir kayu ke..

Lelaki idaman saya adalah seorang rider/racer who works as a mechanics dan baca buku pada masa lapang.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hey There Delilah..

If I may ask??
What did I do wrong?

I never thought that it would be the last
and we're strangers since then
Does you really hates him that much?
His your best friend you know
and he's mine too...

You left without words
I wish I could understand
I wish I could read your mind
and I wish I could tell you I'm sorry

p/s: that reminds me of you..not the lyrics..but the moment...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm not your little baby anymore
I wish I could stay
being your little baby a bit longer

I'm growing up fast
I wish I could be there
I want to be your wonderwall

This little baby
is missing her mommy
I wish I'm home
I miss you mommy

I may a grown up now
I may have this one guy I really love
and I may be getting married soon


I really miss home!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pilihanraya Kampus (PRK)

Thank God they were just using red and orange untuk mewakili both parties
if they're using all the colours
Harus semua orang pergi ke kelas tak berpakaian
if you're pihak berkecuali
you should not wear any colours which represent their parties
or else
people will have the stigma in their mind

I hate it here when it's PRK
if and only if
being an MPM doesn't give them advantage
being an MPM give them nothing but a burden to represent student
who's the one among them who really want to be an MPM??

I bet none!!!

Kebanyakan orang nak jadi MPM because of the certificate
Because of those great advantages
Why should I vote for you?
I don't get any of those advantages as my share for voting..