Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Guardian Angel

I can't write
I'm not gifted
I can't tell
I'm not a story teller

I'm dull and ordinary
I think I'm a burden
sticking to her
all those years back

I thought of stepping back
and let go
I thought of saying goodbye
and soon the memories will fade
I don't want to get hurt
she neither

I never know
what inside her
i did never ask
as I'm afraid
it will cause me the pain I couldn't bear

I want to write
and I want her to read it
I want to tell
but I don't know how
I want to move on
and she's the one I want to bring along

Friendship is one part that I can never explain
It falls apart
but never break
It holds the hearts
and keep it tight
does it??

'I LOVE YOU' is the hardest word to say to the one that we really loved

*she's the one who told me "i would choose my friend instead of my country"


Fiona said...

ko copy paste pe.hiih

Zetty Illyani said...

ade ke copy paste
xptot btol
ak tulis sndri neyh
(haha..tbe2 ak pasan hebat)

Anonymous said...

budak tembam memg hebat berpuitis sejak zaman sultan melaka.