Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Apa Saja

What will you do for your loved one(your mom, dad, wife, children.........)???

People: I'll do everything to make them happy and stay alive. I'll protect them with everything I have.

What if the only thing you need is the one you lacked of
People can criticize
what if the only thing you can do
is something against your logic
people goes against law
what else will you do
if that is the only thing you can do
to save one life you really loved
We're human being
we make mistakes
and we'll do anything
for the one we loved
no matter what it takes
even it against everything

Desakan hidup adakalanya meragut kewarasan akal. Adakalanya desakan hidup membuat akal logik jadi beku. sometimes it makes people go unexpected.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What goes around, Comes around

Everything bad that just happen
I deserve it
I've made mistakes
and I'm paying for it

Mistakes were for us to learn
I'm learning my lessons

*To Fareed, Farid, Meedi, Akmal, Nadnad, Pip, Akah and all my beloved friends, thanks for being good friends and sorry for acting so childish. sorry for all those years back. sorry for wuteva i've done.

May ALLAH bless(^_^)

p/s: recently, not really feel ok..xtw npe..(maybe the growing up things make me feel uneasy..got so much things in mind..sigh...)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Guardian Angel

I can't write
I'm not gifted
I can't tell
I'm not a story teller

I'm dull and ordinary
I think I'm a burden
sticking to her
all those years back

I thought of stepping back
and let go
I thought of saying goodbye
and soon the memories will fade
I don't want to get hurt
she neither

I never know
what inside her
i did never ask
as I'm afraid
it will cause me the pain I couldn't bear

I want to write
and I want her to read it
I want to tell
but I don't know how
I want to move on
and she's the one I want to bring along

Friendship is one part that I can never explain
It falls apart
but never break
It holds the hearts
and keep it tight
does it??

'I LOVE YOU' is the hardest word to say to the one that we really loved

*she's the one who told me "i would choose my friend instead of my country"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Entah la..

kenape sy rase mcm ni?
sy da wt keputusan
dan sy rse itulah yg terbaek
kenape masih rasa x senang?
terasa macam kehilangan seseorang yg sy sgt syg
I don't want to admit it
but deep in my heart
I know I do

Adakah ape yg sy wt ni salah?
keputusan sy slh?
atau ape yg sy wt ni salah?

Mesti BUAT before 30

  1. Makan fast food puas2(aiskrim, choc, cake etc)
  2. Makan ape je yg teringin nk mkn
  3. Ade rumah sendiri
  4. Shopping!!!
  5. Get married at 24..(haha..leh ke??)(one happy family(^_^)
  6. Melancong gn membe2
  7. Hiking
  8. Belajar swimming
  9. Ade mini library kt umah
  10. Got my own PSP
  11. Got latest version of SE with 20 MP camera(haha..in my dream)
  12. Learn martial art
  13. Got my own MP5(haha..)
  14. Organise pyjamas party at home(wow!!)
  15. Got 1 almari penoh baju tido and another one full with dresses
  16. watch as much movies!!
  17. pergi karaoke kt red box(haha)
  18. got my own home theater
  19. tgk midnight
  20. Got new laptop (game version)huhu
  21. Have aquarium with colorful fish
  22. Tambah kenalan
  23. belajr programming
  24. Get best friends
  25. Be a better me..InsyaAllah

Saturday, June 12, 2010