Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another QUIZ!!!

Once upon a time...

i've done this quiz kt quizilla...years ago..huhu..
one day...i just happen to read it back
and found out that...

i am actually should learn to get to know me myself better(^_^)

this is the quiz result about me (the real me inside kot)hoho

it says that i'm a Water Dragon(just a symbolic okay...i'm in fact a real human being..not an android either..and of course not a robot)

Personality: You’re a majestic person who prefers being alone then with people. (I do think so...)You don’t really care about those around you, but if you see someone hurt, you won’t just leave them there.(Aha..i'm not a gossip girl and i rarely realize that someone was hurt...yeah..i jz don't care) The reasons you like being alone is because people don’t understand you and your way of living. Your different and some people have made fun of you for it. (yeah..admit it..i'm different and pelik sbenanye..people don't understand me and i don't understand people..tibe2 rse mcm terasing..isk3(T_T)...)

Wish: Your wish is to find that one person who you know is out there, that will understand you and who will accept the fact that you are different. (of course..sume org akn try find someone yg do understand dorg do I..and I do have that one person and I'm thankful enough)

Friends: You don’t have friends, if you do there usually people who have just come and gone. ('re so true bout this..i've got friends and they come and gone)You have made a few enemies here and there, but nothing to bad. (xde la...mne ade..kwn ramai la..musuh xde meh) You go from people to people, yet you are still looking for that perfect someone. (nobody's perfect(^_^))

Color: You like glassy colors. Like water blue and leaf green. ( kot..rseny mcm suke sume..huhu)

Stone: Aquamarine. (no comment)

Hobbies: You should take walks or go swimming. Things that make you get out of the house and meet people. I know it’s hard finding the right people to talk to, but one day you’ll find the right person. (xreti swimming...owh..tanx for the advice..I'll try my very best)

Quote: “I’d much rather be hated for who I am, then loved for who I’m not.”(setuju2(^_^)) –Quote I read somewhere. “"True beauty shines from the soul and warms the world with its kindness, compassion, and integrity."

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Am I Blogging???


life isn't much good la recently
got so much things to think
pillow and chocolate da xrse best mcm bese
(wah!!!that's worst!!!)
ade lg satu
tv program pon sume mcm hampeh..adoiii la

what happen to me actually ??
don't know la
nk tgk drift...nk tgk race
nk tgk action movie.....
nk mkn ice cream gn jejaka idaman malaya