Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Jatuh cinta itu fitrah


what if the one yang kita jatuh cinta itu adalah someone yang terlalu coolio sampai he doesn't even think about the purpose of life??

what if the one yang kita jatuh cinta itu someone yang tak pernah ada prinsip hidup??
someone yang hidup tanpa landasan??

what if the one yang we want to get married with is the one who did never cares about hukum syarak and everything??

How can we spend the whole lifetime yang dah memang singkat ni with the one yang only dedicate himself to ALLAH in his solat yang hujung-hujug waktu??

I'm not good
will never be perfect
I'm trying to be better.....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Mungkin aku tak cukup bagus
Tak..mungkin aku sebenarnya bagus tapi sangat rendah diri

Saturday, March 13, 2010

So sorry~

I am sorry
for not being as you wish I am
I am sorry
for making your life miserable
I am sorry
for putting up a barrier so people couldn't see me
so people can't touch me
so nobody is going to hurt me
I do apologize
for being selfish
for being me
I am me
I've been trying so hard to make myself happy
because no one will
I've been trying so hard to be independent
so i won't let me myself down
I've been trying so hard
so that i am not going to make you worry
so that you can live better

This is for you
and those handsome and beautiful friends I've ever had
I am sorry
for putting up those barriers
for running away
for not being a good friend
I may look like I never care
if you can't see it
it doesn't mean it isn't there

to you
you're my world
you're my fairytale comes to real
you're my precious someone
and you're my best friend