Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too Busy!!!


yup!I've got so much subjects to handle this sem

>PROTEIN SEPARATION(I don't even understand a single thing)

>GENETIC ENGINEERING(I can't catch up..sleepy most of the times)

>HISTORY OF NOBEL LAUREATTE(don't really like history..the fact is I don't like it a all)

>PHYSIOLOGY AND SCREENING MICROBES(no least better than the coz it's like learning MICROBIOLOGY once again)

>GE LAB(not yet started...tomorrow is the 1st class..pray that everything goes smooth)

>BIOINFORMATIC(duh~ it makes my brain turn upside down...I'm not stupid..I just don't's all about computer an I'm not that bad with computer..i'm just not good(^_^)

>ISLAM AND CURRENT ISSUES(I don't understand why he keeps delaying the class???)

>TREKING(well~ I like this class best..half an hour class and I can go back to sleep~)

*I get so sleepy from the moment I enter the class...(mcm mne ni??)
*I wonder why the subject are getting harder everytime??can't it getting easier so I can get to be in dean's list easier???

duh!I start dreaming once again..(didn't I'm dreaming all the time??? to lab at 9 tomorrow to finish reading lab manual(T_T)


..::yaninuna::.. said...

zet,ak da amek bioinfo sem lps..
killer subject bak kte lectrr ak..
then when got final rezat,
aku rasa btol la..
nmpk cm simple tp downkn pointer ak..hua3

so zet,rajen2 wat bioinfo keyh..
wish u luck~

Zetty Illyani said...

GE ko da amek l0m???
susah x???
pening ni(T_T)

..::yaninuna::.. said...

not sure ade ke tk subjek GE tuh..