Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Too Busy!!!


yup!I've got so much subjects to handle this sem

>PROTEIN SEPARATION(I don't even understand a single thing)

>GENETIC ENGINEERING(I can't catch up..sleepy most of the times)

>HISTORY OF NOBEL LAUREATTE(don't really like history..the fact is I don't like it a all)

>PHYSIOLOGY AND SCREENING MICROBES(no least better than the coz it's like learning MICROBIOLOGY once again)

>GE LAB(not yet started...tomorrow is the 1st class..pray that everything goes smooth)

>BIOINFORMATIC(duh~ it makes my brain turn upside down...I'm not stupid..I just don't's all about computer an I'm not that bad with computer..i'm just not good(^_^)

>ISLAM AND CURRENT ISSUES(I don't understand why he keeps delaying the class???)

>TREKING(well~ I like this class best..half an hour class and I can go back to sleep~)

*I get so sleepy from the moment I enter the class...(mcm mne ni??)
*I wonder why the subject are getting harder everytime??can't it getting easier so I can get to be in dean's list easier???

duh!I start dreaming once again..(didn't I'm dreaming all the time??? to lab at 9 tomorrow to finish reading lab manual(T_T)



saje nak soh tgk layout baru
ok x??
byk daun2 kn???
ske sgt(^_^)


xreti la nk edit kt HTML tu...
kod warna xtw...

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm getting bored

with everything...

I want to go but I don't want to go..
I don't know whether I should go or not....

don't want to think...
I'm getting bored even more..........

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Am I a Loner???

sometimes yes and sometimes no..

well...i love being alone..i got to always be me and no more pretending.. I just thought that I'm ok..but really in one time, have friends would be better..I'm not that loner who say 'leave me the fuck alone' coz I did welcome everyone..i just love being alone so no one will get hurt..neither you nor me..

I am a that a problem??i'm not that freaking love to be alone...I do need friends but i just try to be independent...i just try not to love people that much coz i don't want to get I wrong??I may one of those person who think love is pain, dull and it's killing me inside...So then, I do tell me myself that I won't get hurt coz I love them little..I lie to heal..I stay smile and try to stay away from crowd...I just want a space to be happy..coz no one there would listen...

you guys are pretty guys are lucky to have those friends along the journey..and you guys are so special coz of that stone cold heart you have, you bare to stand the ups and downs in pretty cool friendship guys are great to believe that love is great..but not me..I'm pretty cold...I can't truly love a person...I can't tell my mind honestly...I can't show you my heart coz I guess it so icy that none of you could even touch...none of you could even hold it tight so it won't fall and break into pieces..

I am that fragile girl who live my life all alone... I may not that happy as you are but I am thankful for who I am..

Listen to me...I'm not that loner who really like to live all alone..I am a loner coz no one cares(i'm's just what I honestly have in my mind)I am a loner coz love hurts a lot..

Am I wrong??would you listen???my heart is icy...make it'll find truly me inside.....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Maaf lah....


Kita ini selalu sahaja kurang adat budi bicaranya
Kita ini orangnya selalu sambil lewa
lagi tawar masakannya
bukan gerau diraja