Saturday, May 30, 2009

Problem Occur!!!!

I've got a problem. not that big but enough to cause great headache to my cute little head and brain. Just now my friend ask me to go solat but i don't know why but really feel very very lazy to go solat now(itu batu besar jugak ada duduk atas kepala). The thing is he asked me to call him after i finish perform my solat Isya'. But now i don't want to go solat because he asked me to do so but on the same time if i'm not going to do that then i have to lie that i did what he asked me to do even i'm not doing so. So just now i think that i don't know what to do. The problem here is i don't know why did i'm very lazy to do anything??

(thinking with a very serious face^_^)

after minutes thinking of the problem occured......

i think i've to go solat..x baek lambat2 kan solat wahai cik Nurul Zetty Illyani Ramlan. Berdosa. Pergi semayang skang!!!!

Me : Baek2..nak pegi la nie (muke xnk dgr kte)
My Hati : Astaghfirullah..ape nk jadi la gn aku nie..


Akhirnya pergi solat dengan ikhlas=)


miSzRiE said...


Zetty Illyani said...

xde bnde nk wt mse 2
at last kne mrh gn firdaus
pdn muke!!