Wednesday, April 8, 2009

'TRUTH' Conference (CRRA '09)

this is the picture during conference last month. that is Vacilli talking about hiv/aids issue.

This is Ching Wei and her friend being model for an activity. actually i don't really pay attention during this session so i missed out the info (hu~ so busy that day)

they were so excited acting as CD-4 cell and HIV. (hu~ what does it feel ha to act like that??) was so exciting.aha. Pawel looks very energetic. he was the one wh0 pulled down all the CD-4 cell there.

and this is Faruq and Fahrul. this was the drama session. they were asked to be a couple (you should watch this!!really!!they are acting like real!!big applause to Mr. Faruq!!huhu..)sweet couple indeed!!(God!something was wrong with could it be..)

*well, you might be very blur about whatever i,m talking about(not talking's writing bcoz i don't speak with the sounds crazy,rite??but i actually did it also blur sometimes..actually this conference is about HIV/AIDS issue. we're trying to spread awareness about this issue among youngsters. hope the mission accomplished!!

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