Friday, April 10, 2009


huhu..hasil susunan paku2..(x igt bpe byk btg)..well, our dean asked us to put all those nail 0N the paku yg berdiri tegak kt tgh2 stgh jam ktorg try last, rupenye our dean kte just ssun all that paku bersilang mcm tue..and that's the result!!how creative!!(hu~pening gk mule2..rse cm x logik je leh letak sume paku2 2 kt ats yg satu 2..)huhu..well,nothing is imp0ssible!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

'TRUTH' Conference (CRRA '09)

this is the picture during conference last month. that is Vacilli talking about hiv/aids issue.

This is Ching Wei and her friend being model for an activity. actually i don't really pay attention during this session so i missed out the info (hu~ so busy that day)

they were so excited acting as CD-4 cell and HIV. (hu~ what does it feel ha to act like that??) was so exciting.aha. Pawel looks very energetic. he was the one wh0 pulled down all the CD-4 cell there.

and this is Faruq and Fahrul. this was the drama session. they were asked to be a couple (you should watch this!!really!!they are acting like real!!big applause to Mr. Faruq!!huhu..)sweet couple indeed!!(God!something was wrong with could it be..)

*well, you might be very blur about whatever i,m talking about(not talking's writing bcoz i don't speak with the sounds crazy,rite??but i actually did it also blur sometimes..actually this conference is about HIV/AIDS issue. we're trying to spread awareness about this issue among youngsters. hope the mission accomplished!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am a Yang!!!

Yin and Yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole-but you're the bright element: You are active, light, masculine, upward-seeking and corresponds to the day. Not to mention adorable and cute!
*i take dis quiz jz now n find it very interesting...huhu..i am a Yang!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Live well 0r live Hell??

hey ya!life is gonna be ok ya??ha.ha.exam is approaching..guess what??not yet open any n0tes 0 revise any too busy ha?hu~think i'm going to explode..aha..well, life goes on rite?no matter what the journey is still!!go for the future..nothing happen coincidentally!!a writer said "live well or live hell..we cho0se"..tanx to the writer..i choose to live well..coz i don't think to live hell is a living..